Philip-Lorca diCorcia




  Mario (US), 1978

Signed edition of 20
Printed in 1988
 40.4 x 58.8 cm (15.9 x 23.1 in)

Excellent condition

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One of America's leading photographers, Philip-Lorca diCorcia combines a documentary tradition with the fictional worlds of cinema and advertising to create a powerful link between reality, fantasy and desire. Alternating between the informality of the snapshot and the iconic quality of a staged composition, his play between real and artificial lighting, his eye for symbolic detail and his saturated colours give diCorcia's street scenes and domestic interiors a psychological and emotional intensity.

DiCorcia's works possess a reflective quality that goes against the grain of an image culture of instant consumption. Though immediately arresting, the real meaning of his images unfolds in time. The inner lives of his protagonists are intimated through gesture, glimpsed through doors left ajar or captured in one unguarded moment on a sidewalk. DiCorcia weaves these random moments into a complex narrative. ("A Storybook Life" Exhibition Tour June 2003)

The piece entitled "Mario" is the artist's first-ever editioned piece; an important and early work.